Eyecon Studios is a multidisciplinary mural and design firm. The Principle's are Chris Arnold and Jeff Garrison. With over 50 years of collective experience as professionals in the industry we have been serving the design community, as an incorporated collaborative team for over 20 years. We have produced award winning works of art throughout the United States, and have gained the reputation throughout the design community as not just skilled artisans but as problem solvers.
We both have a BFA as Illustrators, and prior to starting our own business, we were respective lead scenic artists (running our own crews) at two of Dallas’ largest scenic studios painting back drops for the Operas and the Ballets.
We operate a 6000 sq.ft design and production studio offering the best of digital and hand- painted custom works of Art. Our client base is: Corporate World Headquarters (Southwest Airlines), Hospitality Design (Walt Disney World Resorts), and Public Art ( 26,000.00 sq.ft. exterior mural,”Mass Transit” winning a national award for City of Dallas Downtown Improvement District.). Complete client list and portfolio available by request.